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If you missed out on the A level Business Revision Seminars, then this is your chance to purchase recordings of all 8 weeks worth of revision sessions. You will receive a zip file with 8 mp4 video files as well as 8 pdf files with the presentation used during each session.


These seminars focussed on the most challenging topics on the A level syllabus and are suitable for students of all UK examination boards who are preparing for their A level exams.


The topics covered are:


Price Elasticity & Income Elasticity

Motivation Theories & HR Calculations

Break Even Analysis & Budgeting

Liquidity Ratios & Decision Trees

Gearing, ROCE & Profit Margins

Economic Factors Affecting Businesses

Investment Appraisal (Payback, ARR & NPV)

Critical Path Analysis


Each seminar recording is approximately 1 hour long.


Please note, the recordings are sent electronically in a zip file. Please ensure you have the means to open zipped files before purchase.


The recordings are of live seminars that have already taken place. You are not purchasing an invitation to future live seminars.



A level Revision Recordings

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