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The TakingTheBiz YouTube page is packed with videos and playlists to support students studying A level Business as well as the International Baccalaureate in Business Management. Regardless of the exam board you are following, you will find tutorials on the topics you are studying as well as guides that cover exam technique. 

Students can visit the TakingTheBiz resources page to purchase the A-level Business 'Hot Topics' revision e-books and visit the TakingTheBiz merchandise page for a range of TakingTheBiz goodies. 

Whether you are purchasing resources and merchandise or simply watching the YouTube channel, the support you have shown since the launch of TakingTheBiz has been humbling and is hugely appreciated. Hopefully, the resources will continue to support Business students as they successfully prepare for their examinations.

Keep on takingthebiz


About TakingTheBiz

I've worked in comprehensive schools and independent schools as a teacher, Head of Sixth Form and Head of Business & Economics.


I launched TakingTheBiz in 2017 to provide A level Business students with a resource to support their studies.


Many of the students I was teaching at the time voiced frustration about the lack of variety of resources for Business. Whilst they had access to course texts and revision guides, what they desired was something more visual and engaging - a way of revising that didn't feel quite as daunting as an unopened text book. What started as a series of videos recorded for the pupils in my classes has quickly evolved in to an online hub for Business students all over the world. 

Let's face it, revision can be arduous and it takes a lot of work to achieve great A level grades. The goal of TakingTheBiz is to take some of the hard yards out of being a student.


Through the TakingTheBiz YouTube channel, I've tried to produce tutorials that allow students to revise key topics for their Business exam as well as support them as they develop their examination skills.

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