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Do you need help getting the exam grade you've been dreaming of?


Welcome to TakingTheBiz

A Level Business or IB Business Management can feel like hard work.


Perhaps you have a folder overflowing with half-completed class notes that you wish you'd organised months ago.

Or maybe you have a pristine textbook that feels so heavy, the prospect of reading it seems daunting.

You desperately want to do well in your Business examinations  but you just don't know where to start. Sometimes, the grade you desire feels a long way away.

YouTube Videos

Online Tuition

Revision Guides


Here's how TakingTheBiz can help...


Ensure that you understand all of the topics on your syllabus using the TakingTheBiz YouTube channel.

You will find a comprehensive range of topic tutorials, exam skills guides and exam paper walkthroughs to help you improve your grades and prepare for your exams.


This year, we're launching the TakingTheBiz Exam Prep Seminars, a weekly online tutoring session where TakingTheBiz will teach the most important topics on the A level syllabus live! 

He'll also teach you the exam skills to achieve the grade you've been dreaming of.


Most revision guides focus solely on learning basic business theory and knowledge. 


The takingthebiz 'Hot Topics Guidebook' will help students analyse and evaluate some of the most commonly examined concepts on A Level Business exam papers.

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